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Tips to Improve Your Body Health – Thrive Global

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As we are living in the 21st century, people are passionate
about their body and health whether you’re male or female.

Does it easy to maintain health in our busy life?


How much time do you need investing in your health daily?

All these common questions we are covering today. Started
with making a plan follow with proven tips.

Well, I guess, most nutritionists charged higher for
advising you these easy tips.

I believe in spreading knowledge and help as much as I can.

Getting started:

  • Create a strategy.
  • Ultimate tips for your body health that is easy
    to follow.

Create a strategy

Before step forward to the gym, this is very essential to
first figure out how things will gonna be work.


First, observe yourself by looking in the mirror, and ask a
question does my body is thin or fat?

The moment you figure out the next step depends on this.

To reduce the belly, you need focusing more time in physical
activities rather than an increasing diet.

And for gaining weight you need to do only 2 things: eat
like a glutton and sweat out your body in the gym.


Usually when your friend/colleague make a plan for the gym
with you. You both get extremely enthusiastic.


But 90% of persons don’t want to step in the gym after their
initial day.

Well, if you’re a student then it’s easy to get involved in
the gym.

But if your corporate employee how you can deal with this?

The first solution is to decide which time is suitable for

Then, start with 1 hour and do minimum sets for each

Progress slowly.

From the 2-3 week of the gym, your body will naturally adopt
in the gym.

The second solution for corporate persons is to bring out
some basic gym equipment in your home.

These types of combos are pocket-friendly too, range starts
from $50-$100.

Ultimate tips for your body health that is easy to follow  

1. Consider mental health first:

Well, mental health is directly connected to our physical

Let me ask you something, how much % of your friends/family members
are free from problems?

Nobody including you also right?

If you got yourself in a problem, don’t freak out handle
things gently. If your inner mind is happy then only you can able to focus on
physical activities.

Also, stressful mind leads to many diseases like stress,
overthinking, demotivated, and losing confidence.

2. Increase your water capacity:

Although most persons give excellent focus in gym, diet,
etc. But they forget much more important thing that is water.

By drinking enough water, your body is capable of absorbing
nutrients, minerals you get from food.

Follow this chart below to find how much water you need in a

3. Cycling: 

Remember those days of childhood when you’re father bought
the first-ever cycle of your life.

It felt nostalgic!

In the pool of vehicles, I prefer bicycles for my short
errands like going to a nearby shop for snacks.

Around 2-3 km is fine if you’re having a busy schedule.

Highly recommend for those who want to say goodbye to their

4. Running/Jogging: 

Ask any sports freak he will tell you why they love running.

I mean, we all know this fact that by running you improve
your stamina also fasten your speed.

When I was starting running a few months back, now it
becomes my daily routine.

But in the past, I hate jogging because of loneliness.

Instead of plugging headphones while running I would likely
to running with my pet dog. His name is Max and he is way too faster than me.

5. Yoga 

Yoga is popular for thousands of years. Our ancestors told
there is the only way to heal your body from inside by practicing yoga.

There are many yoga gurus on youtube like “swami
Ramdev”, “sadguru” etc. You can follow them.

I never said you needed to practice yoga for hours.

10 minutes is fine for your busy schedule.

6. Gym:

After analyzing your body, you get your answer for what purpose
you need to go to the gym.

The most preferable
exercises to gain weight and muscles are:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench press
  • Rows

The most preferable
exercises to lose your belly:

  • Squat + curl
  • Push-ups
  • Cardio
  • Renegade lows.
  • Bench dips.
  • Plank shoulder touches.

To know more about gym exercises click

Caution: Never over
lifting the weights more than your capacity, may cause injury.

7. Foods  

To keep your body healthy all the time, you need providing
nutrients. I mean, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Follow this chart below to know how much you need in a day.

Foods rich in
Peanut butter, fish, chicken, cheese, tofu, yogurt, salmon,
shrimp, egg.

Foods rich in Carbs:
Oats, banana, sweet potatoes, kidney beans, etc.

Foods rich in Fat:
Rice, avocado, walnut, eggs, flax seeds, etc.

Foods rich in
vitamins & minerals:
All fruits and green vegetables.

Well, if you’re more likely to gain weight, you need eating
many calories throughout your day.

Some of the high calories recipes you could able to make in
your kitchen cookware-

A. Chicken Curry with rice:

Calories: 500 (250 g serving)

Cooked in both slow cookers and rice cooker.

Type: Non-veg

B. Cheese chicken omelet:

Calories: 560 (4 eggs and 4 oz cheese)

Kitchen cookware required: microwave/grill/pan

Type: Non-veg.

C. Oatmeal peanut shake:

Calories: 327 (2 tsp peanut, 1/4 cup oats)

Cookware required: blender, food processor.

Type: Veg

8. Overcome these bad habits: 

Well, there were the times when I got addicted to cigarette
and also eating the bulk of junk food in the office.

The belly of mine is on its peak.

I mean, I almost gave up on pizzas, burgers. It’s too

But then slowly I had decreased the rate of consumption. 1
time in a week.

Gym, running, cycling is all become my best friends.

Say no to this stuff
even you can’t live without them:

  • Sugary drinks = Alternatives: coffee or tea
  • Pizza = Alternatives: homemade pizza
  • White bread = Alternative: Ezekiel bread
  • French fries.

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