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'Revenge Body' Trainer Corey Calliet Reveals How His Client Hayley Herms Lost 76 Lbs. In 12 Weeks – Hollywood Life

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On last night’s episode of ‘Revenge Body,’ trainer Corey Calliet’s client Hayley lost 76 lbs in 12 weeks — the most ever on the show. He reveals how she did it!

Khloe Kardashian’Revenge Body continues to inspire, especially with the most recent episode, where trainer Corey Calliet works with Hayley Herms. The young model ended up losing the most weight in Revenge Body history, tallying up to 76 pounds of weight loss in just 12 weeks. “It was just amazing to see her be so confident and strong after the transformation. Most people leave the transformation looking good and feeling good, but we shoot the show about eight months out, so some people fall off, some people keep going,” Corey explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “The most impressive part about Hayley was that she kept going. She followed my direction, remembered the things I said, and followed through.”

He continued, “It’s one thing just to train, but to follow through and continue to do it, that’s the best part. Being able to see them become mentally strong, emotionally strong, is amazing.” Corey revealed that his approach to working with clients starts before they even walk into the gym. “You have to have your emotions in check. You have to have your mind in check before you can even walk into a place like that,” he said. “I think that if you don’t have your internal, your heart and your mind and your emotions, your soul in check, your physical is going to last for a moment. And you don’t want that transformation to be a moment, you want it to last forever, and it can.”

The overall method he teaches his clients is called “The Calliet Way.” “I look at that as the mental aspect of life, because everything we do in life comes from choices. When you go into the fitness aspect of it, every person is different. That’s me understanding the mind, body, and soul when it comes to actually training them,” Corey explained. “Weight lifting is the key to what I like to do. You lift weights, lifting weights burns more fat. So of course that’s where it starts at. It’s the foundation of actually lifting weights. You’re taking your body through a rigorous form of routine to get your body to change. Of course, we do cardiovascular, but I do the right cardiovascular.” Corey revealed the cardio he incorporates helps “burn the fat and preserve the muscle,” and it’s a sure-fire way to lose inches!

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