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Weight loss: How to burn belly fat fast – focus on these five movements for fat loss – Express

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Whether you’re looking to tone up, or just slim down, exercise can be a great way to lose fat. But, while classes may offer guidance, those who are faced with an array of machines in the gym may find the experience to be a daunting challenge. Hiring a personal trainer to work one-on-one with you may not be an option for everyone either. Luckily, an expert in the fitness industry has suggested some moves you can follow in a bid to aid fat loss.

Aroosha Nekonam, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance, told Express.co.uk that it’s creating a calorie deficit through proper nutrition and exercise which is key when it comes to fat loss and weight loss.

And, while she advised that all kinds of exercise could have an effect on the body, it’s weight training which stands out when it comes to weight loss.

Aroosha suggested doing this a number of times per week.

“Weight training two to three times a week, including big compound movements along with a caloric deficit in your nutrition, is going to promote fat loss,” she told Express.co.uk.

This means getting quality nutrients in a diet, eating good quality protein, fats, an unprocessed carbohydrates.

The personal trainer went on to explain that while a person may want to reduce fat in one area, such as their stomach area, it’s simply not possible to spot train – nor turn fat into muscle.

She continued: “Everybody is going to be different in where they will lose and carry fat first.”

Focusing on some specific movements during your work out could improve your body composition – and that’s because, Aroosha said, they are working the whole body.

These moves are deadlifts, squats, and lunges, as well as chest and shoulder presses.

Despite her emphasis on weight training, Aroosha advised also incorporating cardiovascular work outs into an exercise regime.

“Cardio is not going to change your body composition the way resistance training does, but it is a great tool for expelling more energy and also for cardiovascular health,” the personal trainer divulged.

This could be as simple as moving more throughout the day, such as walking to increase your overall step count.

Jogging, cycling, or carrying out some HIIT training intervals, could also be of benefit.

Aroosha also said taking note of your lifestyle, and creating a “stress-free state” for your body is important to lose fat efficiently.

She pointed out five things to consider when trying to beat the bulge.

If you are taking a closer look at your diet, it may be worth considering which foods are good sources of protein.

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