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Summer Diet Tips: From Heart Health To Boosting Energy, Incredible Kairi Ka Panna Benefits (Plus Recipe) – NDTV Food

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Kairi, or kachcha aam, is a childhood favourite of scores of Indians. From eating raw mango slices with salt and red chilli powder to enjoying it in the form of jams, pickles and drinks, we all have fond memories about the fruit. Mango is a popular tropical fruit that has been a prized ingredient in a number of sweet and savoury dishes, but Indians regard the unripe mangoes or kachcha aam as much as ripe and sweet mangoes. The tangy, or khatta, flavour and taste of kairi is what makes it so special, and once you’ve had just a little piece of it, you’re not able to resist reaching out for more. Aam panna is a drink that is prepared from the pulp of both ripe and unripe mangoes and although some people favour one over the other, both are equally delicious in taste. Kairi ka panna is enjoyed chilled during the peak of summers, around the Indian subcontinent.

However, kairi ka panna is not just a summer refresher; it has a number of health benefits as well. The drink is made by cooking raw mango pulp in a pressure cooker and then spicing it with roasted cumin seeds, salt and black salt as well as mint leaves. The mangoes are parboiled and their pulp is removed and then allowed to cool. It is then mixed with the spices and diluted with chilled water and served fresh.

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Here Are A Few Health Benefits Of Drinking Kairi Ka Panna During Summers:

1. It helps to keep cool naturally. Skip those packaged fruit juices and cold drinks and sip on the refreshingly delicious kairi ka panna to beat dehydration. The black salt in it is another cooling agent that works in your favour.

2. The humble kairi panna is also great for the heart. This is because raw mango pulp contains niacin, which reduces risks or cardiovascular diseases. Cumin also boosts the heart-protective benefits of the drink, by improving levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

3. Kairi ka panna may also promote liver and intestinal health, as raw mango promotes secretion of bile into the small intestine, where it improves absorption of fats.

4. You don’t need sports drinks or caffeinated beverages when you have the kairi ka panna. The drink is an energy booster due to the presence of black salt and raw mango pulp, and may help you fight against summer sluggishness and drowsiness.

5. Kairi ka panna contains roasted cumin, which promotes digestion during summers. The summer heat may interrupt smooth digestion, but both raw mango pulp and cumin may help dampen the effects of this heat by keeping constipation and indigestion at bay.

Now, that you know the health benefits of kairi ka panna, here’s how you make this delicious drink:

1. Boil fresh raw mangoes or kairi in a pressure cooker, until the skin turns light.

2. Transfer the cooked raw mango to a deep dish with cold water and allow it to cool.

3. Cut open the skin and squeeze the pulp out of it.

4. Mix black salt, salt, roasted cumin seeds, cumin powder and chopped mint leaves to the pulp.

5. In a glass, add cold water and the spiced mango pulp and give it a good stir.

6. Add ice to the glass and garnish with more mint leaves.

For the full kairi panna recipe and details about ingredient quantities, click here.


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