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Best supplements for the New Year: Five vitamins and minerals to take in 2019 – Express

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It’s often hard to get back onto the health wagon after a month of over indulgence. But there are a couple of little and easy additions you can incorporate into your daily routine to help get over the post-Christmas slump. Personal Trainer and Co-Founder of FIT DELIS, Thomas Forster, revealed the most important supplements you should be taking in 2019 to help boost immunity, increase energy, and enhance overall health and wellbeing.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has multiple health benefits, including boosting immunity and fighting disease, according to Thomas.

He said: “It should be a staple supplement for every individual, especially in the winter months. In addition, getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is essential for normal growth and development of bones and teeth.

“I would strongly recommend investing in a good quality vitamin D supplement to help ensure your immune system and calcium levels are off to a flying start in the New Year.”

Vitamin B12

This essential vitamin plays an important role in nerve function, the formation of red blood cells, and the production of DNA.

He added: “While most people get their vitamin B12 from a varied, balanced diet, this can be a little trickier if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

“Vitamin B12 can help to improve mood, energy levels, memory, heart health, digestion and can help to prevent osteoporosis. So, if you’re lacking in this important vitamin, I would recommend investing in a B12 supplement.”


Magnesium plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body, including the metabolism of food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Thomas explained: “A daily dose of magnesium can help regulate your nervous system which in turn helps to minimize stress, irritability, and sleeping problems.

“Reductions in magnesium levels have actually been linked to increased levels of anxiety which highlights the importance of this supplement.

“I would strongly recommend taking a daily dose of magnesium to help keep all of these issues at bay.”


With 80 per cent of your immune system and up to 95 per cent of serotonin (responsible for regulating mood) produced in the gut, looking after your gut has never been more important, says Thomas.

He explained: “Poor gut health can lead to a host of health problems such as, depression, anxiety and a compromised immune system.

“When it comes to a healthy gut, diversity in the microbiome is important; taking a multi-strain probiotic daily can help keep your gut microbiome in balance, which in turn will help relieve digestive discomfort, promote a normal bowel pattern, and support overall wellness.”


Superfoods have long been a popular buzzword, and this shows no sign of slowing down in 2019.

Thomas said: “With so many options on the market, it is essential you invest in a high-quality supplement such as the FIT DELIS DAILY blend; a nutrient rich superfood protein blend that is packed full of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and alkalising properties.

“This blend contains superfoods, greens and plant-based protein, delivering a full nutritional profile in one delicious scoop. With 25 of RDA vitamins per serving, FIT DELIS is great source of our daily requirements (available to buy on www.fitdelis.com).”

Supplements have been found to aid a variety of health problems, including weight loss.

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