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Healthy eating during the holidays

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“One holiday meal can add up to more than 5,000 calories, more than 3,000 milligrams of salt, and over 230 grams of fat,” says Samantha Stewart, Registered Dietitian at the Arkansas Heart Hospital.” That is the same of two days worth of food, a teaspoon and a half of salt, or three sticks of butter.”

It seems like the holidays are the one excuse to eat a never ending amount of food, except it’s important to make adjustments to the portions we are eating.

“Make sure to drink plenty of water. Try using a smaller plate. There are ways to slow down with eating, we can chew more, we can put the fork down between each bite, and then also try eating with your non-dominant hand,” says Stewart.

Executive Chef Mark Elliote for the Intensive Cardiac Rehab demonstrates a popular side dish that is much healthier than typical recipes.

“This is going to be a healthy ambrosia, pretty much based on pineapple and oranges,” says Elliote.

You begin with one pound of sliced, fresh pineapple.

“Okay, so we will add that to our bowl,” says Elliote.

Add a can of mandarin oranges, or a couple of sectioned oranges, and a fourth cup of raisins.

“And cherries, I’ve got some frozen cherries. They haven’t been in any kind syrup or anything. You just look at the ingredients when you buy a frozen fruit and make sure it just says whatever fruit it is. If it’s blackberries, if its cherries, if it’s strawberries, the ingredients should just say that and no added sugars,” says Elliote.

Next you need two cups of fat free vanilla Greek yogurt.

Mix, serve, and enjoy.

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