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Healthy Tips For Grocery Shopping

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There are so many varieties of types of food at the grocery store – but taking a few extra minutes to look at the label could make a big difference.

Dietitian, Kayla Cole does grocery tours and this time she focuses on getting foods that are heart healthy.

Her first tip is to find foods that are less than 300 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Along with that she says when you cook with fats – use liquid fats at room temperature.

To help your cholesterol, a good rule of thumb for protein is the more feet – the more fat.

For example, cows and pigs have 4 feet, chicken and turkey have 2, and fish have none.

"Just important to try to think about what's important to me now. Is it diabetes, heart health and really know what's in the food and what's on the label," said Kayla Cole, Dietitian.

Grocery Tour Calendar: https://www.trinityhealth.org/services/wellness/nutrition-education/grocery-cooking-events/

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