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Margot Robbie's Nutritionist Reveals Her Trick for Reducing Belly Fat

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Contrary to popular belief, weight loss isn’t
achieved by solely revving up your workout routine and cleaning up your diet.
In fact, according to celebrity nutritionist, Dana James, there’s quite a few
other factors that can seriously affect weight loss efforts, with one major influence—hormones—being
frequently overlooked.

“When your weight
increases unexpectedly, many of you jump to the conclusion that your thyroid
hormones are off,” said James in an article on Mind Body Green. “While the thyroid hormones have a key role in regulating the
metabolism, there are other hormones that affect weight gain and loss.”

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James, whose clients include Margot Robbie
and various Victoria’s Secret models, points out that the main hormones to be
aware of are insulin, estrogen and cortisol—each connected to increases in fat in specific areas of the body. According to
James, if you store fat everywhere, insulin is the dominant hormone in your body that most likely needs to be
regulated. Storing fat on the upper thighs and butt indicate estrogen should be
targeted, and for those who easily accumulate belly fat, cortisol levels might be to

Luckily, James says there are ways to combat
irregular hormone levels and ultimately reduce fat. But of all her hormone
regulating tips, the one that caught our eye the most is the one targeting belly fat. “If you have belly fat, cortisol, the stress-coping hormone, is
to blame,” says James. “You will benefit from a daily 20-minute meditation, as
meditation helps to reset the body’s cortisol response.” And that’s not
all. James also recommends taking 200 milligrams of phosphatidylserine before bed
to help lower cortisol levels (we’ve also learned that green tea can help with this as well!).

While regular
meditation and a daily supplement won’t suddenly make belly fat disappear, it
is a good add-on to complement an already-healthy routine. After all, it could help
accelerate results from a wholesome diet and exercise regimen, which certainly sounds
like a win-win to us.

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