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Danielle's mind and body transformation

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Danielle Moore recently decided to teach full yoga time. (Picture by Jameel Springer.)





It was Saturday morning. People were out and about shopping in Speightstown
in St Peter in the brilliant sunshine, cooled only by a light breeze.

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Certified yoga teacher Danielle Moore met up with EASY at J.G Fitness in the Town Square Mall half hour before the start of the yoga class to chat.

When settled, Danielle was excited as she chatted about how she got involved, how easy or difficult it was to get certified and which type of yoga she practised.

“I wanted to be more flexible. I was doing pole fitness with Move 2 More and I also ventured over to Surfside Gym in Wildey. The teachers were uber-flexible and I wanted to do it too. I would go home and look at YouTube videos and then ask them what they used to do. “Neither of them said yoga, but every video that I looked at – how to split, how to handstand – yoga. Not that it is only yoga that you do, but those were the people who were demonstrating it.

“Watching the videos, I said I could do it, but then trying to keep up with them it was, ‘Oh, okay’. Then seeing the yoga people on Instagram doing all kinds of stuff, it became more than just a split and a handstand. So, it really was for me trying to do poses and figuring out what yoga was all about,” she said chuckling.

Danielle remembers accompanying a gym colleague to a yoga class because she wanted to learn more. She wanted to understand how to flow through different movements and breathe properly. She participated in more classes before combining pole and yoga at Move 2 More.

That wasn’t enough. She got a friend who was not interested in yoga to pose with her. After a month, he suggested she teach him.

“I started teaching him in January 2016 and realised I like it. In May that year, I decided I was going to do my level one training and did it in West Palm Beach, Florida, with Yoga Fit. In August 2017, I did my 200-hour teacher training with Marianne Wells Yoga School.”

Danielle explained that yoga allowed you to focus your mind and look inward, while letting go of distractions. It’s about resting, restoring and strengthening your body and mind. It is not always that easy to accomplish though.

“Yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. When I think of yoga, it is about clearing my mind, finding my centre and my purpose in life . . . becoming one with my breath and my movement. It’s about finding your breath in this crazy world.

“Yoga is also about therapy and finding calm in turmoil, but it’s not going to happen in one session. People use yoga to relieve stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure, to learn how to breathe properly. It’s about mobility, flexibility, strength. The way I teach I call it vinyasa yoga. I start with a centring, people just sit, or stand, or lie on their backs, whichever position you prefer to start and connect with your breath; clear your mind and forget about everything else that is happening,” said The St Michael School graduate.

Danielle decided to teach yoga full-time from this month after 18 months as a property manager and teaching part-time.

“There was just this uncomfortable feeling that this is not what I’m supposed to be doing. There was nothing against the people or the building. I had a talk with my Mummy, my partner and a few friends . . . . I didn’t feel as though anyone was saying not to do it. They asked the right questions [such as] ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do?’

“ . . .  I was a little nervous and said the time will soon be here when I will not be getting a salary anymore and in a few moments I just panicked about that; but I am extremely happy about the direction I am going in . . . . [In addition to the group sessions] I also do private classes, one-on-one, and semi-private with two or three people in their home.” (DS)

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